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4th Year: 1974-75

The 4th year began on 3 September and the term finished on 20 December 1974. Spring term began on 7 January and finished on 26 March 1975. Summer term began on 14 April and the 4th year finished on 18 July (all term dates on this website have been confirmed and verified by David Bathurst)

This year, our reports saw the return of the School badge (see below), with the average age for Form 4M (Miss McMahon) for the Autumn term being 14 years 10 months.

The School crest also reappeared on The Farnham College Calendar for 1974-75 which is reproduced below.

The Calendar shows that the College Production for the end of the Autumn term was The Taming of the Shrew, performed on 5-7 December 1974. Other highlights of the year included the Alpine Village trip (22-29 January 1975), the Russian trip (aka "Is Len In?", 31 March - 10 April 1975) famous for its mass illegal importation of bibles, and the cruise of the SS Nevassa (18/19 March - 1/2 April 1975 - "Any more people for the cruise?").

Sports fixtures appeared in full on the reverse side of the calendar and this is also reproduced below:

Finally here are the average examination marks for Form 4M (McMahon) based on the subjects I was taking at the time:

        Subject    Exam Average

English            63

History            51

Geography      52

French            50

Biology           47

Physics           45

Mathematics   32

Art                 56

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Farnham College report heading Farnham College calendar 1974-5 Farnham College calendar of sports fixtures 1974-75