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Photo Galleries

This page provides links to a number of photo galleries containing pictures contributed by you. In addition to the slide shows on this page, there are others covering the Reunion and the 400 Fete. Both of these have their own pages.

Please note: due to technical issues, most of the galleries have been unavailable for some time. Your webmaster is slowly reloading the content and in due course all the galleries will be available.

The following galleries are currently posted here:

400 Fete Gallery

A number of photos taken by Keith Harvey of the “400 Fete” of May 1978.

50 Year Party Gallery

This gallery covers our recent FGGS & FGS 50 Year Party, held on 26 September 2021.

General Gallery

This gallery includes photos of the Scout Group, the menu for the Leavers’ Dinner, adverts from Blunderbuss for the College Tuck Shop, a Priority Lunch Slip, and a view of the College buildings in 1979. Contributors include Mike Mehta, Heather Webb, and John Clarke

David Bowsher’s Gallery

This gallery has been contributed by David Bowsher and contains pictures of a football match in the 1970s, a day trip to Bath, and some unusual performances at the 400 Fete.

Ian Maxwell’s Gallery

This gallery has been contributed by Ian Maxwell and currently contains photos of a camping trip in 1978.

Mike Mehta’s Gallery

This gallery includes a selection of photos from 1979-1986 including a trip to Ramsgate, the Picnic in the Park, fun runs, and the unofficial reunion of 1988.

Reunion Gallery

A number of photos of our Reunion in November 2000.

Richard Bayliss’s Gallery

This gallery has been contributed by Richard Bayliss and contains a class photo from 1973-4, and some of Richard’s handiwork from metalwork/design & technology projects.

Sally Ann Dunkley’s (Barco) Gallery

This gallery includes a number of photos from 1977-78 featuring a number of familiar faces. A true treasure trove!

School Buildings Gallery

This gallery includes a selection of photos of the school buildings from 1906 onwards.

Susie Pringle’s (McBride) Gallery

This gallery includes Susie’s German A Level group, the youth hostelling trip to the Peak District in 1975, the 1976 boat trip, and a number of friends.