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Farnhamian Archive (1994-2020)

This page provides an archive to the Farnhamian which appeared annually from 1994 to 2020.

The original magazine was printed in December 1912 and appeared regularly until 1973, when the Grammar School became a Sixth Form College. The Old Boys remained in contact via a newsletter until Cyril Trust resurrected the original magazine in 1994 and edited an issue each year for over 25 years. It is these copies which are reproduced here.

Cover of the final issue of the booklet style Farnhamian, published in February 2020.

For earlier issues of the original Farnhamian magazine, click here.

The booklet version of the Farnhamian was succeeded by the OFA News, which is issued annually from 2021 and edited by Roger Edgell.

You can read more on the centenary of the Farnhamian here.

Click on the images below or the hypertext link to open each issue (which are in pdf format).

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