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Susie’s Gallery

This gallery comprises photos contributed by Susie McBride (Pringle). It includes her German A Level group, the youth hostelling trip to the Peak District in 1975, the 1976 boat trip, and a number of friends. It also includes some photos of the heavy snowfall and icy conditions of January 2014.

Susie in 1977

German A Level class, December 1977.


Colin Elwood,

Gillian Mansfield,

Charlie King,

Robert McWilliams,

Karen von Dongen,

David Bathurst,

John Young.

In the Peak District, May 1975

Robert McWilliams,

Gillian Fox,

Caroline Gooding,

Ian Maxwell,

Charlotte Starmer,

Nick Blackman,

Simon Lucas,

Duncan Steel and

David Page.

Boat holiday 1976

Andy Vincent,

Martin Collier,

Caroline Gooding,

Brian Bellars,

Russell Christian,

Tim Bartlett

Hanging out near the Linkway, 1978

Katy Long,

Caroline Gooding,

Adrian Harding,

Jo Wicks

Friends of 1978


Gillian Fox,

Ian Richards,

Amanda Skeggs,

Mike Mehta,

Jon Knight,

Geoff Whiting,

Katy Long

Andy Vincent (1978)

Ian Maxwell 1978

Russell Christian, 1978

Tim Bartlett, 1977

Some photos of the “polar vortex”, Missouri, Winter 2014

View from the verandah

Deep snow!

This house is owned by a local businessman