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5th Year: 1975-76

The 5th year began in September 1975. Summer term began on 28 April and finished on 23 July 1976.

For some of us this was the end of the journey as we went on to pastures new outside the College. The College calendar for the Summer term is reproduced below.

As can be seen there was a trip to Berlin (27 May - 4 June 1976), a "5th year return to College 1.45pm with books" on 8 July, and the "At Sixes and Sevens" Introductory Course for those staying on into the Sixth Form on 9 and 12 July.

Sports fixtures for the Summer term of 1976 appear below:

'O' levels were preceded by mock exams which we sat in the Spring term. The following are the average marks from Form 5M reflecting the subjects I took at this time:

      Subject   Exam Average

English         56/56

History              54

Geography        49

French              55

Biology             62

Physics             55

Mathematics     34

Art                    48

The average age for Form 5C in the Autumn of 1975 was 15 years 10 months; in the Spring of 1976 it was 16 years 1 month.

The Summer term saw us sweating through 'O' levels, which we sat from 7 June - 2 July. Remember this was one of the driest summers on record! My timetable for subjects I sat from the Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate is reproduced below:

Farnham College calendar, summer 1976

Whilst here is the end of year school photo for 1976 (click on the image below to view a larger photograph):

The "At Sixes and Sevens" introductory course (9 and 12 July) was designed to give those of us who had decided to stay on into the Sixth Form an idea of what to expect. The programme was the same for each day, but with different Senior Tutor Groups attending.

Farnham College photo 1976