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The Comedy of Errors

Programme cover for the Farnham College production of The Comedy of Errors 1978

The College production of The Comedy of Errors (by William Shakespeare)  was performed on the afternoon of 15th March and the evenings of 16th - 18th March 1978.

The programme is reproduced on this page, along with the only photograph located for this production so far, one of Kathryn Wallis (daughter of Bill Wallis, the comedian; she attended FGGS/FC from 1972-1979). Kathryn played the part of Luciana.

The play was directed by William Trotter; with setting designed by the CEE Design Group. Costumes were by the Haslemere Wardrobe.

A full cast list appears below.

 Cast list and production team:

The rear cover provides a useful summary of productions by the Farnham College Dramatic Society:

Kathryn Wallis being "made up" as Luciana: