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Blunderbuss Issue 5 (October 1977)

Cover of issue 5 of BlunderbussThis page provides the full text of the fifth issue of BLUNDERBUSS. It appeared in October 1977 as a special "Election Issue" -  the elections for Chairman of the Staff Student Consultative Council took place on 21 October.

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Contents of Issue 5


Election Report

The Importance of Being Earnest

A Letter from the Chairman

Readers Letters

The Outing

Free Plunge

Skating Trip

First Impressions

The Human Beings

The Entertainments Committee

Don’t Forget!



Dear Reader, (This is directed at advanced students)

This will be, for most of you, your first encounter with BLUNDERBUSS - the Entertainments Committee Magazine, which will, in future, be published twice a term and will include full details of all the activities organised for your jollification by the Entertainments Committee (henceforth to be known as EntsCom). A letter from chairman Arnstein (Arnie) is published on page 10.

BLUNDERBUSS is not, however, merely a platform for the EntsCom. It provides an opportunity for students and staff to tell the world what they think of FC, and tell FC what they think about the world. This is an "unofficial" publication, so don't feel inhibited - we do, however, wish to be recognised as a responsible journal, and therefore obscene or abusive material is rejected.

As you can see, this is our Election Special and I hasten to add that the fact that the Editor is standing for Chairman will have no influence on the editorial content of this magazine (Honest Guv!). I think all candidates will agree that the most important thing to do is to VOTE on October 21st. The second most important thing is to write something for BLUNDERBUSS, or send a letter to its Editor. My life's ambition is to have more material than I have space to fill! Get scribbling then, and put your items in the Ents Com Box.



Election Report

At the time of writing there are three candidates for the Chair of the Staff Student Consultative Council:

    David O'Brien

    Simon Oelman

    Martin Collier

A brief note of the policies of each candidate has appeared in the newsletter, and during the Tutorial period on Friday 14th [October] you will have the opportunity to hear each candidate speak to the students.

 There will be a public meeting in the JCR at 4.00 on Tuesday 18th, where you will be able to question the candidates.

Voting will be by secret ballot on Friday 21st. and Kevin Desmond is the returning officer, responsible for the actual poll. The candidate with the most votes will become Chairman, and the runner up will be the Vice-Chairman.

Please make the result as representative as possible by attending the Public Meeting on Tuesday and by voting on Friday.


"The trouble with political jokes is that they are sometimes elected to office."

Peter Elliot


"The brain is a wonderful thing. It never stops functioning from the time you are born until the moment you stand up to make a speech."

Dr L. Binder



The Importance of Being Earnest

The current production at the Redgrave.

The play opens is summer 1895, in the elegant drawing room of Algernon Moncrieff's flat in Half Moon Street. Michael Elwyn is well cast as Algie, the typical middle aged bachelor. John Worthing soon appears in the form of Christian Roberts. His performance is rather figety and he does not play the suave "Earnest in town" or "Jack in the country" with much style. With mouths full of cucumber sandwiches, prepared by the manservant Lane (Clive Wouters) the two go on to describe their various Bunburying.

Lady Bracknell (Algie's aunt) is portrayed brilliantly by Mary Griffiths. She gives a very good impression of the dominating Victorian matriarch. Her daughter Gwendolen (Susan Bovell) is the epitome of sweetness and the proposal scene follows.

Act II is at the garden of the Manor House, Woolton. The scenery is effective and interesting to watch grow during the interval.

Unfortunately Judith Coke, playing Cecily Cardew, is not very convincing as a pretty, innocent, young girl.

Christopher Reeks portrayal of Canon Chasuble, torn between  ? and Miss Prism is a delight. Sue Withers as Miss Prism, torn between a guilt-ridden conscience and Canon Chasuble, makes his perfect partner.


A Letter from the Chairman of the Entertainments Committee: Mr Francis Arnstein (Arnie)

Good morning / evening / afternoon*

You have now survived the first few weeks of this term. With winter coming and now there are no cups in the Drinks Machine, we feel that it is our duty to liven you up.

You may now forget the horrors of the Introductory Disco and instead look forward to Jo Fawkes' Disco and Fireworks on November 4th. Jo (Guy's younger brother) will unfortunately not be there, but we hope you will be.

At 7 o'clock there will be a fireworks display on the school field (weather permitting) and all are welcome to attend. This will be followed by an amazing double disco-entry strictly for ticket holders only. All proceeds will help to finance the production of "My Fair Lady" - which is why this disco follows so soon after the previous one.

Remember that our organisation is your organistation. Use us ....

ARNIE (Chairman)

* Delete as applicable.


Readers’ Letters

Here are just a few of the letters that the ent. comm. have received via the suggestion box (in the area outside the new staff room). The idea of the magazine, as we have already stated, is that you tell others what you like/dislike about the college and why.

Dear Sir,

You must hire a local jazz band for a concert.



Dear Sir,

The entertainments committee should organize something to do during the lunchour. e.g: short films, records. Get people like Geoff to play the guitar in front of an audience, or anything else interesting.


(Ed's note: we'll tell you when he's learnt to play it!)


Dear Sir,

I think the E.C. should organize many more discos, especially featuring live bands. I feel that the current suggestion of a friend to stage a concert by the "Bootleg Boys", featuring Marcus Nowell should be taken up.



The Outing

FRIDAY, 7th October was a day that few of us will forget. It was of course, the day on which the Entertainments Committee launched students on the adventure of a life-time, on a dazzling excursion through the night in a stolen luxurious coach, to arrive at the Top Rank Ice Rink, Southampton for what could only be described as an experience of a life-time.

At 6.26pm the coach rumbled slowly to halt outside the College gates, after the coachman had fed both the horses, students climbed aboard. After 44 minutes, two deaths from jet-lag, and an incident involving Mike Mehta and two balloons, the coach arrived at Southampton. Students alighted from the coach, their happy faces brightening the cold damp night; a treat was in store.

At 8.00pm general skating began and Farnham College students invaded the ice. Some were a little shakey on their feet at first, but after falling over a few times, to test the ice, they got their confidence. During the evening F.C. students were seen to far outdo all other skaters; some tried two-point turns, others were seen to be skating backwards (probably something to do with the beer) and Martin Collier did a remarkable version of the dying swan from Swan Lake, leaping into the air and falling slowly into a crumpled heap on the ice.

The high point of th evening was reached when a request was played "for the students of Farnham College" and with this event students really felt at home; what with people falling over on top of each other, swearing at complete strangers, drinking in the bar, and pop music in the background, it was just like a staff/student consultative council meeting.

By 10.00pm people were enjoying themselves so much they didn't want to stop skating; and they didn't stop skating. At 10.05pm James Hunt the coach-driver was revving the coach engine impatiently and panic ensued as it was realised that at least five students were still on the ice; but they were dragged off very quickly and "escorted" into the coach. At 10.15pm the coach left Southampton and by 11.00pm it was back in horrible friendly Farnham. Students disembarked with tears in their eyes at the realisation that the trip was over (... or perhaps it was something to do with Arnie's "Onion Burger").

"Did you enjoy it?" asked Martin, waving a friendly hand (and revolver). "YES!" came the reply. THE OUTING was over.



"Italy is merely a geographical expression."




Free Plunge

Cool daring -

Plunging, twisting, mystery;

sting and sharp.

Tumble trip -

Frozen fear, the primal tear;

sharp and sting.

Oval heartcease -

Grey, torrid, frostbite stripped;

sting and sharp.

Totter wind lash -

Poor plain sleet, rock rest;

sharp and sting.

John Swayne


 Skating Trip

Due to the tremendous success of the skating trip on October 7th another has been organised to take place on Friday 21st October, again to Southampton Ice Rink.

Unfortunately due to the fact that we made a loss on the last trip, the price of the tickets has been raised to £1.50.

The coach leaves the college gates at 6.30pm on Friday 21st and will arrive back at the college at about 11.00pm.


("Put your trousers back on Michael!")


First Impressions, by two LVI Students

After more or less seven years of being imprisoned at that well known girls school in Alton, we - needless to say - welcomed the prospect of completing our education at a college ... where males were in plentiful supply. Yes, we were going to Farnham College, an idea that made us tingle with anticipation. So the day that we had all been waiting for arrived, the day when our boring, insignificant existences would embark on an exhilarating, exciting and thrilling journey into the unknown world of social whirl at Farnham College.

Did we say exhilarating, exciting and thrilling - at Farnham College? Wait, have we been misled? Boring, unexciting and thoroughly conventional - yes. In fact, if it wasn't for the fabulous, stupendous and unbeatable Entertainments Committee, life wouldn't be worth living ...

So Support your Entertainments committee ... go to all those excursions we organise for you, come to all our discos ... and read the next copy of BLUNDERBUSS.

 (Now you know - all you have to do to get an item printed is to flatter the Entertainments Committee)


The Human Beings at the Coach & Horses

On Thursday 29th September the "Human Beings" played a gig at the "Coach and Horses" in Farnham. By about 9p.m. the bar was packed and the band sprung into action.

Consisting of Steve Everett (percussion), John Bush (bass and vocals) and Ian Gorell (lead and rhythm guitar and vocals), the "Human Beings" are a band that get the audience involved and enjoying themselves every time. The band, I'm told, have only been together for a few months, but they are already slick, well organized and original.

The nature of the material they played was a mixture of punk and heavy rock and all of it was of their own composition, apart from a slightly altered version of Framed (S.A.H.B.).

They do not call themselves a punk outfit but a large amount of the music, such as "Suck it and See" had new wave overtones without doubt. Dexterous bass work from Bush was ideal backing for the punching rhythm work of Gorell, and Everett provided the driving force with percussion. Lead guitar riffs were loud, fast and expressive and soon the audience were really enjoying themselves. The band's music is loud and fast and hits you in the gut. I personally enjoyed the evening tremendously and recommend them every time.



The Entertainments Committee

Arnie (chairman and King)

Sue Griffiths

Jane Sheldon

Helen Childs

Geoff Whiting (tea boy)

Martin Collier (editor)

Louise Trebble (editor)

Julian Wakefield-Harrie (Dogs body)

Mike Mehta (Dog)


All advertisements for local organisations are printed free (no political)



My Fair Lady December 6th-9th in the College. This year's spectacular - you can't miss it!

The Human Beings (see above) at Farnborough Town Hall on November 5th.

Fireworks and Disco here on November 4th.

Skating Trip on 21st October.

Theatre trip being arranged!


Thanks for all the letters - we do read them!

Keep the suggestions rolling in - we are here for your benefit!


RED FACE DEPT.: Last issue we attributed a quote by Mark Twain to Groucho Marx - apologies to both parties - here is a genuine Marx quote:

"I never forget a face, but in your case I'm willing to make an exception!"


Rear cover of issue 5 of Blunderbuss


Are you interested in:

Raising money for children?

Community work?

Enjoying yourself with a group of young people?

If so, come along and meet the,


A group of young people aged 16-25 who are sponsored by the Farnham Lions Club and Leo International. The club is one of 2,200 such clubs which are based in over 60 countries. We meet twice a month to organize our activities, and additionally twice a month for a social get together in a Farnham Pub.

What do we do?

To raise money, we organize and promote discos, dances, barbeques, sponsored events and so on.

To help others we dig gardens and decorate houses for old people, as well as distributing Christmas parcels to them, construct adventure playgrounds, assist at Lions events as necessary etc.

In spending money we sometimes donate directly to local charities, and we sometimes raise money for a specific project (for example £500 for a guide dog for the blind.)

We are always looking for more people who are willing to give some of their time and energy, and who want to have a good time meeting others.


8.00 p.m. first and third Mondays of each month at the Gostrey Club of East Street, Farnham.


8.00 p.m. second and fourth Tuesday of each month at a pub somewher in Farnham. (Venue decided at previous business meeting.)


See Paul Hobbs U6 Fi/M Room 7 or,

Jacqui Tickner U6 Gor/M G6

Sue Griffiths

Jane Sheldon