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Helen Kennedy (Collett)

Helen Kennedy and Julian Walden in 2012


Our Blunderbuss photographer caught Julian Walden in the act of sharing "one's most embarrassing moments" with Helen, so we thought we'd share this moment with you all.

Helen writes:

"I'm living and working in Fleet. I am divorced with three progeny of 22yrs, 19yrs and 16yrs, currently living with me.  I work as a community midwife. I actually have two degrees, one in Pyschology (Swansea) and one in Health Visiting (Reading), but midwifery is what I enjoy.


"My other interests include: triathlon (Farnham Triathlon Club). This is despite avoiding PE at school (by slipping into the metalwork hut on the way to the tennis courts and only running the first and last bits of XC.)

"I did used to sing in the school choir though and I have recently joined a local choir and I still play the piano badly. If I could have looked into the future whilst I was at school I would have learnt to type properly and probably skipped the Latin.

"It was great to meet up at the recent reunion and be reminded of one's most embarrassing moments (thanks, Julian)!!"