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2nd Year: 1972-73

Following the summer holidays we returned as 2nd Years on 12 September 1972. Amongst the delights of this year was our introduction to German, taught by Donald Nicolson.

September 1972 also witnessed the final intake to Farnham Grammar School. For the record, here is a complete list of those “captured”, taken from the December 1972 issue of the Farnhamian:

Stephen Abery, Jonathan Appleton-Jones, Nicholas Ashby, Richard Bayliss, David Bowsher, Sohail Butt, Clive Elsworth, Richard English, Steven Everett, Philip Hambly, Jeremy Hardy, Peter Hollands, Christopher Hunt, Peter Kent, Wayne Lavender, Michael Loveridge, Paul Madelin, Gary Mills, Simon Mould, Ian Nicholson, David Oram, Jonathan Parr, Michael Parker, Graham Rapley, Paul Slinger, Simon Trimarco, Thomas Tweedy, Adam Willis, Mark Young.

Jonathan Ainsley, Matthew Arcus, Andrew Ashton, Graham Bartlett, Simon Broome, Philip Cross, James Desmond, Kevin Griffin, Sydney Hardy, Richard Hodson, Christopher Horsefall, Stephen Jackson, Ian Jory, Simon Jowitt, Martin Laker, Gary Meek, Mark Norman, John Oram, Simon Pritchard, Stuart Rogers, Christopher Rowe, Jonathan Smith, Simon Stedman, Andrew Turner, Graham Viles, Ian Waterston, Christopher Wilson, David Wright, Richard Young.

And one Francis Arnstein!

During this year the school photograph was taken. This may be viewed via the OFA website. The photo includes all years and all staff (including Mr Dyer, the caretaker). Click on the thumbnail above to enlarge the photograph.

The last Speech Day and Presentation of Prizes took place on the afternoon of Wednesday 15 November 1972 in the school hall. Below we reproduce the front cover of the programme.

Farnham Grammar School photo 1972 Speech Day, Farnham Grammar School, 1972

According to school reports, the average age for Form 2C (Chapple) in the Autumn of 1972 was 12 years 9 months. The term finished on 21 December 1972.

The second term began on 9 January and lasted until 13 April 1973. This was followed by the Summer term which began on 1 May and ended on 20 July 1973 (all term dates on this website have been confirmed and verified by David Bathurst).

With summer came the end of year exams. According to surviving reports the following are the average marks from Form 2C:

         Subject         Exam Average

English                      60

History                     62

Geography                44

German                    74

French                      59

Biology                     50

Chemistry                 46

Physics                     46

Mathematics             62

Art                            46

Music                        49

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