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40 Years On: Farnham College 1973-2013

Here we report further on the celebratory lunch marking “40 Years On” from the official closure of FGS and FGGS and the 40th Anniversary of Farnham College.

Scroll down for photos of the event - a few more are waiting to be added.

The Farnham Herald reported as follows (4 October edition):

“As Sir Bradley Wiggins and the Tour of Britain cyclists sped through Farnham, well over 100 former pupils and staff of the now defunct Farnham Grammar Schools held a special reception to remember those schools which closed in 1973.

“The Boys Grammar School in Morley Road is now Farnham College and the Girls Grammar School in Menin Way is now South Farnham School.

“The school in Menin Way hosted the reception, entitled Forty Years On! And guest enjoyed a finger buffet and drinks before getting down to much nostalgia about their time at the schools.

“The chairman of the Old Girls’ Association, Patricia Atkinson, welcomed the guests, which included Old Boys, Old Girls, former staff from the college and Jonathan Stewart, the new director of Farnham College.

“During the afternoon some Old Girls broke away to hold their Annual general Meeting, but soon returned to continue meeting and speaking to former classmates. Jonathan Stewart took a party of Old Boys on a tour of the premises at Morley Road to show them the many changes made since they were pupils and explain plans for future development.

“Several of the guests were married couples who began their relationship while at the schools, which was difficult because in the 1940s and 1950s it was frowned on to have boys and girls from the two schools fraternising.

“Guests travelled from across the south and west of the country to attend and it is hoped that another combined event will be possible, before Father Time takes a hand. The organising committee already has plans for such an event.”

the organising committee of the Forty years On event, Menin Way, Farnham, September 2013

“The organising committee for the Forty years On! event with a special celebration cake made by Laura Batchelor, daughter-in-law of a former teacher at the Boys Grammar School.”

[Committee members include Cyril Trust (far left), John Clarke and Mike Mehta (centre right)]

Jon Knight, Betty Morris, John Clarke (background, probably stealing booze), Chris Hand (former head of Music), and Jill Goddard

Jon Knight and Martin Collier in deep discussion

John McLaughlin (seated), John Saunders (background), Betty Morris, Jill Goddard (background), John Clarke, and Stephanie Bole

Heather Maclaren and Caroline Gooding at the front entrance to FGGS

Jon Knight, John Clarke, Julian Walden and Mike Mehta during the visit to Farnham College

Here we see some of the College's mature students, released before the bell for good behaviour (including Mark Bravery far left)

John Clarke welcomes the Director of Farnham College, Jonathan Stewart

(Grovel, grovel!)

Where it all started for “the schoolboy, Mr Clarke”. Outside Room 7, the base for Form 1 in 1971-72. The outside has hardly changed, and number “7” is still screwed to the door!