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Caroline Adams (Riall)

Caroline in Sydney, 2015

Caroline Riall (now Adams) was at the Sixth Form College from 1976-78. She has sent us this update:

“Hi Mike,

You probably won't remember me but we were at Farnham Sixth Form College together - I am still friends with Norah Pepper. She mentioned that you guys had been in touch. Norah told me she had been on Friends Reunited & had heard from you - I seem to recall you & Geoff being mates.


I emigrated to Australia in 1994 with my English husband & 3 small daughters. I’m now a single mum with 3 teenage girls - have had some very difficult years but life is now good. The girls are all pretty full on but sure makes life interesting & good fun most of the time!

I am working as a research nurse which is a great job & has the added benefit of quiet times when I can catch up on emails! I work full time as a Nurse manager at The Lions Eye Institute, busy clinics looking after people with a variety of eye diseases.

In my (limited) spare time I like to catch up with my daughters, meet up with friends which often involves a walk beside the ocean followed by coffee in a cafe near the ocean. I belong to a bookclub and meet up (in theory) to discuss the book once a month, name of our bookclub is Best Intentions which is a very accurate description! I have been learning to play bridge but it has been a bit sporadic as a small group it is always difficult to organise a time when everyone is available. We have lots of Theatre, Art & film festivals both in Perth and down in Margaret River so i try and make time to go to some of these events.

A very pleasant lifestyle, life's good!

I had a look through some of the photos on the Blunderbuss site, where have all those years gone!! I have to say Russell Christian is still looking very youthful.

My 3 girls are all well, Georgie is a qualified physio, Maddie is a graphic designer & Imogen is a beauty therapist. They are all very different in looks & personalities and now that the trauma of the teenage years is behind us they all get on very well. None of them are married yet & no grandchildren....

OK work is finished so am heading off home, I promise to stay in touch!

Best wishes


Caroline Riall (now Adams) was at the Sixth Form College from 1976-78

Caroline in the Australian bush