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Russell Christian

Russell's exhibition at Maplewood in 2009

Russell at his exhibition at Maplewood in 2009

"Hello Michael!

"How remarkable this e-world we live in is! Was Blunderbuss around when I was there? My memory! Oh dear! There's your bio-has senior moments and too many of them.

"My simple, more straightforward bio as follows: still can't spell or subtract. Work at a children's book company in New York as a designer. Do illustrations, make art-strike that-make ART! (It is THAT good!) I even sell some of it once in a while. Have a lovely wife and two kids but no white picket fence-rotting brown one to be precise- and an outrageous mortgage. You can find me at my blogs. Yes. I blog. Nobody blogs these days except me. Bruxist Manifesto, The World in Disarray, Art and The Bouncy Banker.

"My best regards to John and to Geoff and, of course, to you.


(The photo above comes from Russell's exhibition at Maplewood in 2009)

We have tracked down this YouTube video clip of Russell commenting on the inspiration behind his art.

“Random mark making, surprises and accidents play a huge part in the work I do. Instead of planning and executing an art work I prefer to dive into a problem - a new material, a blank canvas, an old artwork revisited - and see where it takes me. I like to leave things open ended and open to interpretation so finishing a piece is a tricky business.”

Russell c1978 (courtesy of Susie McBride)