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Bridget Crouch

  Now living in Australia, Bridget specialises in music performance coaching and consultancy. Further information is posted on her website, http://www.bridgetcrouch.com/  Bridget has also sent us the following update:

"Hi guys at Blunderbuss!

“Just back from visiting my sister in LA, back to Uni lecturing & my baroque ensemble "Alchemy" concerts. This is an ensemble I set up last year & am artistic director of. We play baroque music on authentic instruments of the period, in a historically informed way. The ensemble consists of 5 core members & we add guest artistes when the repertoire needs it. I have yet to find out how to email photos to you, but I have some of pool lounging in LA as well as the group & some of my class at Uni.

Bridget Crouch“I am very busy with concerts this year in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, am also having some fun time with my music coaching consultancy business coaching rock bands, singers, an outfit called "the deep blue orchestra" (check out their website!) drummers, choral stuff & even a Balinese dancer!!

“My daughter Mira lives on the community in the rainforest near Byron Bay in New South Wales. I am in Brisbane every week for work, so have a good balance of country life & city thrills.

“Am enjoying keeping up with all your goings on from this side of the world. Whatever happened to Judy Kimmis? I still have a beautiful "rag" doll she made for me when we were 12 or 13. I think she made one for Katy Long as well.

“Last night I found some photos of our class at school - those SHIRTS!! Colin Larby gave me my first every ring, there's a good one of Chris Kenny too & Simon Lucas. Arnie & I have kept in good touch over the years with a few visits to Scotland. When I work out how to do it, I'll email some photos. Meanwhile there's always my consultancy website if you're interested.

“Still as yet no-one from school has been here to visit - so I'll make the invitation official, I would be delighted to see any old school friends down under for a visit.

All the very best, Bridget"