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Chris Hand

Chris Hand, who attended the recent “40 Years On!” celebration, has sent the following notes on his time at Farnham College.

Chris Hand

Chris Hand chatting to Jill Goddard at the “40 Years On!” Celebration

“I remembered Caroline Gooding. I realised later that the other two [Heather and Lesley] hadn't sung, so, to my shame I'd forgotten Heather MacLaren (clarinet in chamber music) and (Lesley Powney) ‘O’ Level Music!


“I see Lesley and chat to her from time to time. That was about the time of the full 6th form entry, which made a difference to musical possibilities and chamber music ensembles in the timetable. But that is what I probably told you in June, and how it led to Farnham Youth Choir, (Farnham College and the feeder comprehensives), Farnham Junior String Orchestra and the revival of the Farnham Festival.


“I do remember that there were naturally enthusiastic and intelligent students, some of whom stayed in my memory, like Caroline, for their desire to participate. Howard Thompson had his chamber orchestra, and Chris Chapple recorder groups.


“By all means use my notes, I may be able to look up other things, for there were many concerts at Farnham College before 1978 and the advent of sponsorship. Perhaps I should have done the grand tour [the trip over to Farnham College] but, going to Chichester thought I'd better leave because the FGGS meeting was about to start and there seemed nowhere else to go.


“It’s very good to hear from you again and I was sorry not to say goodbye. Please keep in touch.”

Mike Mehta adds “I note I don't get a mention in Chris’s notes. I think Chris still hasn't forgotten the occasion I subjected the Music Appreciation class to an entire LP of hard rock by Status Quo! I remember we were in one of the temporary classrooms at the time, out on the playing field. Possibly Hut G5.”