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The Real Inspector Hound

The College production of  Tom Stoppard’s “The Real Inspector Hound” was performed at the end of the summer term 1977.

We currently have no programme notes or photographs for this production.

 The following is a review of the play (which was a double-bill with Us and Them), which appeared in issue 4 of Blunderbuss.

"Us and Them" & "The Real Inspector Hound"

“A satirical double bill from the Drama Dept. constitutes their apres examen production, tinged with sadness at the realisation that the wealth of UVI talent is leaving, but also with hope at the wealth of V Year Talent which is here for another two years.

 The Real Inspector Hound, as the name suggests, is partly a Who-dun-it. It is also about the cultural snobbery of a certain type of theatre critics who write more for himself than the public (Maybe yours truly?) Alan Watson depicts the pseudo intellectual admirably.

The play within a play manages to stay on the tightrope between parody and caricature. John Swaine presents an uncanny likeness to Peter Sellars, but there is no connection in the characters. Being performed in the round heightens the fantastical effect, and leaves the watcher in confusion as to what is real and what is fantasy.

Anyway - both plays are well worth seeing especially for only 20p. If you missed it it is your loss. Don't miss the next production.”