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Androcles and the Lion

Programme cover for "Androcles and the Lion", Farnham College 1977

The College production of Androcles and the Lion took place at the end of March 1977. The production was coupled with that of John Whiting’s

No Why under the generic title "Song & Dance".

The Farnham Herald referred to this production as,"Another first class bill from College's pool of drama talent. The College was fortunate to have a seemingly unfailing supply of first-class acting talent, with each new intake of students unearthing fresh faces to join more familiar ones. Audiences could always expect a high standard of production."

"It would be invidious to single out any of the cast for special mention. As always, the students managed their differing roles with aplomb and especially commendable were the members of the cast who, even when not the focal point on the stage, sustained their performances. It is always easy for people cast in non-speaking or minor roles to appear rather wooden if faced with a long spell on stage."

Jeremy Vernon and Norah Wheeler

The play was directed by Richard Hoyes, with design by Anne Weeks. Costumes were by Elizabeth Firebrace. A full cast list appears below.

This illustration, taken from the Herald’s review of the play shows Jeremy Vernon (as the Captain) and Norah Wheeler (as Lavinia)

Another scene from Androcles and the Lion

This photo shows another scene from the play with (left to right) Geoff Whiting (Centurion), Norah Wheeler (Lavinia), Gillian Mansfield and Tina Dorling (as Christians). The photo was kindly sent in by Gillian.

Programme for Androcles and the Lion

Programme for Androcles and the Lion