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Farnhamian Archive

This page allows you to explore the complete contents of the issues of the Farnhamian magazine issued between 1971-77, covering our time at Farnham.

The smaller format issues of the Farnhamian (1971-73) form the final years of the original magazine which first appeared in 1912. The centenary of the Farnhamian is reported here, and the archive of older issues can be seen here.

The magazines issued in 1974 and 1975 were different from the older ones in being A4 landscape format. Both issues were professionally printed.

There appears to have been no magazine issued in 1976.

In 1977 the Farnhamian reappeared as Graphite. This was printed on A4 portrait format and printed by the infamous roneo process. The print quality was less good than the 1974-75 issues.

We are grateful to Tim O’Dell for loan of his original copies of these issues.


Farnhamian 1974

Farnhamian Magazine 1974

Farnhamian Magazine 1975

Graphite 1977

         Graphite 1977

December 1971

July 1972

December 1972

July 1973

July 1971